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Online reviews are trusted just as much as word of mouth recommendations, but only if those reviews have been verified as actual sales. 

B2B purchases are usually at a higher price-point than B2C, which means customers want to know they will get exactly what they pay for.

B2B sales are built on relationships that typically include many touch-points. Your customers want to know how the entire sales process unfolded.

We know B2B Reviews are Different

Verification Matters

The Stakes are Higher

The Sales Process is Longer

"Kinnek has helped us tremendously with collecting and hosting verified reviews and business information. Now when I’m bidding on new business, I direct my customers to our Kinnek page so they can see right away that we are reputable. Our presence on Kinnek has definitely helped us turn more quotes into sales."

- AJ Pinkus · WalkinCooler Warehouse

"Now that I have Kinnek’s review management system, I’m requesting and collecting more reviews than ever before. Kinnek’s Reputation tools are intuitive and relevant to how business is conducted today. I love how customers can include their own videos and images of our products within their review - it’s fantastic! I’m positive that Kinnek as increased our exposure, which in turn increased our sales."

- Marla Cook · Great Engineering

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